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42nd Tournament of The Americas
 AUGUST 14 - 21, 2004

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Sunday, August 15 - Singles games 1-6    

    Monday, August 16 - Singles games 7-12   Final
Tuesday, August 17 - Doubles games 1-6  -  Final
Wednesday, August 18 - no bowling
Thursday, August 19 - Mixed Doubles games 1-6 - Final event scores

Pedro Cardozo, Venezuela 
 300 game
Mariela Alarza, Venezuela
300 Game
Rhino Page, USA
300 Game

*All photos courtesy of Theresa Depka, Official Photographer for the BTAA        

Friday, August 20 - Team games 1-6
Saturday, August 21 - Team games 7-12  - Final event scores
Individual All Events- Friday, August 23 (games 30 of 36)
Individual All Events -  (games 1- 36) - Final event scores
National All Events -  (36 games x # of bowlers in team) - Final event scores
Award List - Winners of all tournament events 
High Games, Sets, Sportsmanship, Friendship

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