Greater Miami International

Masters Event - Stepladder Finals 
Friday, May 13, 2005

Top Five Finalists as of 30 Games, all divisions

Top 5 Men's Division
(l-r) Felix Porrata, Puerto Rico; Rolando Vargas, Costa Rica; Steve Gilliam, Canada; Ed Roberts, USA; Clarence Wallace, Bahamas (not pictured)

Top 5 Senior Men's Division
(l-r) Philip Bethel, Bahamas; Bernard Schamber, France
Henry Rodriguez, USA; Des Murphy, Ireland; 
Paddy Gibbons, Ireland

 Top 5 Women's Division
(l-r) Mauricette Davin, France ; Gloria Carney, Scotland; Chantal Dunas, France; 
Ros O'Reilly, Ireland; Theresa Depka, Virgin Islands

                  Steve Gilliam, Canada
Men's Masters -Tournament Champion 2005
Adult Men
  Name Country
1 Steve Gilliam Canada
2 Ed Roberts USA
3 Rolando Vargas Costa Rica
4 Felix Porrata  Puerto Rico
5 Clarence Wallace Bahamas

Masters Event - Stepladder scores


                                            Rolando Vargas, Costa Rica 223            
                                                                                    Clarence Wallace, Bahamas 212


                                                   Felix Porrata - Puerto Rico - 193
                                                                  Rolando Vargas - Costa Rica 224

                             Ed Roberts, USA 189
              Rolando Vargas, Costa Rica 169
 Steve Gilliam, Canada 198
 Ed Roberts, USA 171
Senior Men

                       Henry Rodriguez, USA
Senior Men's Masters -Tournament Champion 2005
  Name Country
1 Henry Rodriguez USA
2 Bernard Schamber France
3 Paddy Gibbons Ireland
4 Des Murphy Ireland
5 Philip Bethel Bahamas

Masters Event - Stepladder scores

1st match

                                  Philip Bethel, Bahamas 152                   
                                                 Paddy Gibbons, Ireland 174                                  

2nd match

                                                  Des Murphy, Ireland 127
                                                   Paddy Gibbons, Ireland 187

3rd match                                   Bernard Schamber, France 209
                                  Paddy Gibbons, Ireland 199


 Henry Rodriguez, USA 216
Bernard Schamber, France 157
Adult Women

                   Chantal Dunas, France
Women's  Masters -Tournament Champion 2005

  Name Country
1 Chantal Dunas France
2 Ros O'Reilly Ireland
3 Theresa Depka Virgin Islands
4 Mauricette Danvin France
5 Gloria Carney Scotland

Masters Event - Stepladder scores

1st match

                                                                   Gloria Carney, Scotland 162
                                                                    Mauricette Dancin, France 200


                                  Mauricette Danvcin, France 154
                                 Chantal Dunas France 213

     Theresa Depka, Virgin Islands 174
     Chantal Dunas, France 195
 Ros O'Reilly, Ireland 141
Chantal Dunas, France 171
High Game and Series  During 30 games - scratch scores
High Game Men Jean Pierre Courtalin, France 277
High Game Women Theresa Depka, Virgin Islands 244
High Game Senior Men Bernard Schamber, France 244
High Series (3 games) Men Jean Pascal Baron, France 702
High Series (3 games) Women Gloria Carney, Scotland 598
High Series (3 games) Senior Men Ray Byrne, Ireland 647