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Past Year Awards
MAY 5-12, 2001

14th Annual Greater Miami International Awards





1st Place Men:                       Alain Deledda, France 3795
1st Place Women:                  Brigitte Fievet, France 3388
1st Place Senior Men:            Feliciano Freire, Brazil 3522
1st Place Senior Women:       Shirley Greenberg, USA 3335

2nd Place Men:                      Rolando Vargas, Costa Rica 3711
2nd Place Women:                 Marilza Yasuoka, Brazil 3312
2nd Place Senior Men:           Nickey O'malley, Ireland 3515
2nd Place Senior Women:      Pauline Compton, Ireland 3327

3rd Place Men:                      Steve Gilliam, Canada 3628
3rd Place Women:                 Marina De Paiva, Brazil 3102
3rd Place Senior Men:           Alberto Wolk, Brazil 3483
3rd Place Senior Women:      Yvonne Randell, Ireland 3228


1st Place Men:                       Alain Deledda, Bernard Vernet - France
1st Place Women:                  Marina De Paiva, Marilza Yasuoka - Brazil
1st Place Senior Men:            Joseph Dho, Nicolas Salducci - France
1st Place Senior Women:       Shirley Greenberg - USA, Joan Mulcahy - Ireland

2nd Place Men:                      Felix Porrata - Puerto Rico, Rolando Vargas - Costa Rica
2nd Place Women:                 Fatima Dias, Roseli Santos - Brazil
2nd Place Senior Men:           Feliciano Freire, Alberto Wolk - Brazil
2nd Place Senior Women:      Barbel Muller, Ingrid Rux - Germany

3rd Place Men:                      Alfonzo Diaz, Eduardo Premoli - Brazil
3rd Place Women:                 Anita Watts - Ireland, Brigitt Fievet- France
3rd Place Senior Men:            Nickey O'malley - Ireland, Henry Rodriguez - USA
3rd Place Senior Women:       Yvonne Randell, Anita Scully - Ireland

ALL EVENTS: (After stepladder finals)

All Events winners 2001
( l to r) Shirley Greenberg, 
 Rolando Vargas,
 Rosali Santos, 
 Joseph Dho

1st Place Men:                     Rolando Vargas, Costa Rica
1st Place Women:                Rosali Santos, Brazil
1st Place Senior Men:          Joseph Dho, France
1st Place Senior Women:     Shirley Greenberg, USA

2nd Place Men:                    Alain Deledda, France
2nd Place Women:               Brigitte Fievet, France
2nd Place Senior Men:         Feliciano Freire, Brazil
2nd Place Senior Women:    Yvonne Randell, Ireland

3rd Place Men:                    Vasco Businaro, France
3rd Place Women:               Marilza Yasuoka, Brazil
3rd Place Senior Men:         Nickey O'malley, Ireland
3rd Place Senior Women:    Pauline Compton, Ireland


High Game Men: Tie - Philippe Fouillet, France & Jean Rodrigues, France 276
High Game Women: Brigitte Fievet, France 255
High Game Senior Men: Jacques Texier, France 255
High Game Senior Women: Yvonne Randell, Ireland 243

High Set Men: Afonzo Diaz, Brazil 693
High Set Women: Brigitte Fievet, France 629
High Set Senior Men: Joseph Dho, France 671
High Set Senior Women: Yvonne Randell, Ireland 615

       Our Sincere Thanks to those who helped organize groups to attend:  

     Bernard Mora -  France 
      Alberto Wolk -  Brazil 
      Jack Sampaio - Brazil 
      Ros O'Reilly -  Ireland 
      Ken Foley -  Ireland

         And our special thanks to all those who chose to attend.