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Sunrise, Florida
Holiday Inn Express
2018 Official hotel



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    Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas
                   Dates are August 5 - 11, 2018.
                                      Form Requirements and Information

Please note:
T of A forms -Printed forms  will not be accepted by Tournament Office for processing without the Entry Code where required. Most on-line forms will need the Entry Code to access them.
If you are an authorized Federation Official entering participants from your Federation and do not have the required code, please contact the .    If you are entering independently (not through a Federation), please contact us for the Code.  All entries must be approved by the Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association.

Deadline for National Acceptance form from Federations  -February 15, 2018.   All other forms should follow by due date of forms.
  Names of entered players is due March 15, 2018 unless special arrangements are granted by the Tournament Office.
When a Federation does not respond to the invitation to enter players by the deadline The Bowling Tournament of The Americas Association reserves the right to choose to issue invitations to bowl from other organizing entities or individuals chosen by the Bowling Tournaments of The Americas to enter teams.

Hotel reservations will not be accepted without credit card information for "first night" deposit. Reservations must be made through the Tournament Office.   Reservation deadline July 1, 2018.

All form links below go to blank forms which may be printed and faxed or scanned and e-mailed.  Again, forms will not be available or processed without proper Entry Code as supplied by the Bowling Tournaments of the Americas Association.

An on-line link in the main menu will take you to a submit forms-online menu  for forms which can be filled out on-line and submitted to us.
The submission of most of these forms are restricted to authorized persons and need the correct Entry Code to submit the forms for processing.  No restricted form will be processed by the Tournament Office without the proper Entry Code.  Only Guest Entry Form and Hotel Reservation Form do not need the Entry Code.

Questions?  Please   

 National Entry - to be submitted by authorized entry code  

  Hotel Reservations  

Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Plantation, FL
our 2018 Headquarters hotel

             Reservation deadline: July 1
Form requires credit card information for "first night" deposit to hold any reservation.  NO rooms can be booked without credit card.  Hotel will not accept checks. Credit card will not be charged unless you fail to show on arrival date without 72 hour notice to or Hotel. A separate form must be submitted for each room requested.  Form must have full names of all persons who will occupy room.

 Please be aware - All rates quoted are the same for a single room or for maximum of 4 persons sharing a room.  Rooms have either 2 beds or 1 king- sized bed.   Room rate is the same for 3 days before or after the tournament dates.

   Due to our special sponsor hotels' rates, no reservations will be taken by phone or internet to the hotel at the tournament rate. All reservations must be made through the Tournament Office.

The room placement is at the discretion of the hotel. Any requests for specific rooms or areas in the hotel (upgrades) may be at higher price than the Tournament's rate for a standard room.

   Reservation deadline must be observed.
Reservation deadline: July 1.
Reservations arriving at the Tournament Office later than deadline, may be charged at hotel's regular rack rate and/or rooms may not be available. Please reserve your hotel rooms early.  If you need extra rooms after the deadline, contact the Tournament Office not the hotel.  If the hotel is able to accommodate us, you will avoid the higher room rate.



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 Federation Entry Fees - to be submitted by authorized entry code
 Adult Division Bowler Entry - requires authorization byentry code
 Senior Division Bowler Entry  -requires authorization by entry code
 SuperSenor Division Bowler Entry - requires authorization by entry  code
 Junior A Division Bowler Entry - requires authorization by entry  code
 Junior B Division Bowler Entry - requires authorization by entry  code
 Delegate/Coach Entry - requires authorization by entry  code
Bowler Biography - Required for all entering bowlers, requires Entry Code
 Guest Entry - Guest fees include all on schedule except bowling.  Form does not require authorization or code number.
 Official Tournament Shirt Order Form  
This form is for shirt orders for official team members, delegates or coaches - authorization and code required.  Individual guests who wish to purchase shirts may do so directly through the Tournament Office or at the tournament itself.  Please call, fax or e-mail for information or instructions for ordering guest shirts.
   Media Form - This form is a request for print or electronic media to receive information, scores, pictures or press releases which may not be available on our website. This information can be sent by fax, regular mail or e-mail for timely publication.  Also use this form to register a media representative at the tournament.  Please let your local media know of these forms and the availability of information.