Tournament of The Americas
Bowler Biography for Tournament of The Americas 2019

Please fill in all fields with information that we can use about you if you are part of our live-stream broadcast for the Tournament of The americas or media release. Your email is only for us to contact you if necessary.


You will be asked at tournament registration to sign this form for "permission to use information".






Email: ___________________________________________________


Age: ________ Bowling division:__________________ Occupation:_________________________________


For Junior Bowlers: 


Year in school___________   College name if attending _________________________


For all Bowlers: Your bowling history


right-handed________  left handed________  How many bowling balls did you bring with you?_______


When did you start bowling? ______  Bowling Average_____     Highest Game ____    Highest Set of 3 games _____


How did you start bowling? (example:  "I started when my friends asked me to join a league.")







I participated in the Tournament of The Americas in (years) ____________________________________________

Your bowling accomplishments:  (examples:  300 games, awards, tournaments won, member of National Team, etc.)








Do you or did you have a coach?  If so, who?




Anything else of interest to a bowling audience?  ________________________________________________




To be signed at Tournament:  I hereby grant permission to use the information provided above (except my email address) to the Tournament of The americas for broadcast or other media.


Name:______________________________________________ Date_____________________________

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