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December 2000

December  2000

  1-10   4th World Tenpin Team Cup, Carolina, Puerto Rico
Zone Invitational

January 2001

  2-7   ABC Senior Masters, National Bowling Staduim, Reno
Open, age 50+, with 190 avg or above for past two seasons
           Limited to 312 bowlers this year


  Jan 7-14

  1st FIQ International Senior Open, Reno Nevada
Open tournament, Men & Women 50+  ($$ and medals)


  21-23   High Roller 40 & Over Classic, Las Vegas, NV

Brad Edelman

February 2001

10-June 30   ABC Championships, National Bowling Stadium Reno, Nevada


10-June 30   Bowlers Journal Men's Championships, Reno, Nevada

 28-March 3   2nd Carnaval Storm Open, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Open tournament, $$, email for details


March 2001

(Confederacion Centroamericana y del Caribe)
Adults and Juniors less than 20 years old
  15-18   West Coast Tournament of Champions, Mayagues, Puerto Rico



April, 2001

  10-15   High Roller Senior Easter Classic, Las Vegas

Brad Edelman

17-June 15   WIBC Championships, Fort  Lauderdale, Fla


17-June 15   Bowlers Journal Women's Championships, Fort Lauderdale, Fla

May - December 2001


  May   5-12

  John I Smith Greater Miami International, Miami, FL
  Open tournament Men and Women - Regular and Senior Divisions  (t)

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  August 4-11

  39th AMF Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas, Miami, FL
Team Invitational  - Adults, Seniors, Juniors 
Ranking 2 - Ask your Federation for Qualifying Details

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  TBA   FIQ American Tenpin Bowling Championships
        Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dec 12
  VII Central American Games, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Invitational to countries
Have a tournament to list? Please email all details and contact information.
[email protected]


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