June  2000


36th AMF Bowling World Cup  
October 15-21 in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the city that never seems to sleep, was the venue for the 2000 AMF Bowling World Cup.  Bowling Internacional de Lisboa,  was the host center and sponsor for the World Cup's  ---bowlers from ---countries. 


Photo courtesy of L. Rypcinski

Belgium's Chris Van Dame rolled the highest single-game score during the 
single-elimination quarterfinal round, a 278 game, while Clara Juliana 
Guerrero of Colombia set the women's mark during the semifinals with a 244 
game. Three perfect games were rolled during the entire tournament, by Tomas 
Leandersson of Sweden, Tore Torgersen of Norway and Diane Buchanan of Canada, 
bringing to 13 the number of 300 games rolled in World Cup history. A record 
88 nations sent athletes to this year's competition in Lisbon.

Following are the correct final standings for the 2000 AMF Bowling World Cup. 
Please note that this year there were two third-place awards given in both 
the men's and women's division, due to the changeover to the 
single-elimination format in which finishing position for the top eight was 
determined by the round in which a player was eliminated from further 
contention, and not by pinfall or other factors.

The AMF Bowling World Cup is the largest annual international sports championship in the world in terms of number of participating nations.  One man and one woman from all eligible countries have the opportunity to represent their countries. 

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