Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas


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The 2006 Official Tournament shirt will be a black 2-button polo shirt with collar, short banded sleeves and the tournament logo embroidered on front in gold color.  Our official shirt changed in 2005.  If you have a shirt from last year, you do not need to order another unless you wish to.  When ordered with information below, shirt will have given (first) name on front, surname (last name) and country name with map on the back also done in  embroidered gold color.  If you are a delegate or coach, that designation will be on the back of the shirt.  
Consider that these are not oversized shirts as in the past when ordering sizes, note chest sizes. Women's fit in small only.  Order by the size of a golf shirt you may buy.  The cost of each shirt is $35.00 (USD).  Shirts are to be paid for with Entry Fees.  Submit form with your entry forms.

Team sponsor logos -  If your country's team has an official sponsor who would like to supply you with a logo patch ( we must have authorization from your Federation in writing that this is a team sponsor), you may bring a logo patch which is no larger than 2 1/2" wide by 2" length and attach it on your right sleeve. We will provide you iron-on tape for this purpose.

Official uniform shirts are to be ordered through Tournament Office.  Official shirts must be worn while in competition (see rules). 

Federation entry code is required for this form.  Submit one form per person ordering shirt(s).  Please keep in mind that shirt sizes are men's sizes but they do not run large.  Please be sure that the information you give on the form is correct. Once we have received and placed your shirt order with our shirt company and it is made, you will be responsible for payment.  If you made a mistake on ordering the shirts on this form or have a change of name or size, us as quickly as possible and give us the correct information and we will make the appropriate changes at no charge if the shirt has not yet been made. Please remember that once the shirt has been made, you or your Federation will be responsible for payment before competition begins.


Number of shirts you are ordering (must be in same size/type)   
If you are ordering different size shirts for same name, please fill out a separate form and check here .

  Men's     Women's 

Choose one size (if ordering your shirts in different sizes - i.e. one small and one medium), please submit separate forms)

 Women's fit Small  (women's shirts can be ordered  in small size only)
 Men's Small (34-36)
 Men's Medium (38-40)
 Men's Large (42-44)
 Men's Extra Large  (46-48) 
XX Large  (50-52) 
XXX Large  (54-56)
 Men's Other      Specify size: 

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