The Following forms may be filled out and be submitted online.

Please note Forms marked with a * require the current Federation entry code to have the  submitted restricted forms processed by the Tournament Office.

Federation/Association authorized official - if you have not received the code for this year, please us.

If you are a bowler, delegate or coach, who has been asked to fill out your own forms, you will need to contact your bowling Federation/Association for the Federation entry code to submit your entry and shirt form. Without the code all forms will be disregarded by the Tournament Office. 

Hotel Reservation Form can not be processed without credit card information. The credit card is for first night deposit.  Credit card will not be charged unless you fail to show on arrival date without giving 48 hours advance notice of changes to Tournament Office.

Please note: this is not a secure page.  We are not responsible for any credit card information you submit online.  You may choose to call or fax us with this information or mail it with the printed form. Or for Federations, call us for wire transfer routing information or send check or money order in US Funds, made payable to "Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association".  All checks or money orders must be received no later that July 15, 2007.

 For security reasons you may also elect to send us the credit card information by separate emails: 
On the form, fill in only your name as it appears on card, put in the type of card and expiration date, leaving card number blank. Check "sending separately" box on the line for the card number.  Send a separate email, using button provided on bottom of this page or hotel reservation page, which will go to a different email address.  Include in the email your credit card number, the name of your country and your first name initial and surname (such as: 1111 2222 3333, D. Perez, Chile). In this way, any transmission intercepted will not have all necessary information.

Fees, other than hotel - entry fees or shirts fees paid by credit card will incur an additional 4% processing fee.

For Federations:  More Tournament Entry Information in English
   Para Federaciónes:  Informaci
ón de fórmulas de inscripción en Español


The following forms MUST be
Submitted by Federation/Associations only

*National Acceptance Form

*Entry Fee Form

The following forms MAY be
Submitted by
Bowlers with Code

*Bowler Entry

*Shirt Order Form

Media Form

Hotel Reservation Form
(see Reservation note above) Updated June 13,2007


The following forms may be
Submitted by Delegates
or Coaches

*Delegate Entry

*Coach  Entry

*Shirt Order Form

Hotel Reservation Form
(see Reservation note above)

Media Form

The following forms may be
Submitted by

Guest Entry

Hotel Reservation Form
(see Reservation note above) Updated June 13,2007


Use the button below to send a separate email with the balance of your credit card information for safe transmission.  This will go to a different email address than the form itself.
Send only once if using same card for more than one form. 

 Please put in subject line "ToAcc"+(country name)
Include in email the following: 
     card number
     your first name initial and surname,
     your country 
(such as: 1111 2222 3333, D. Perez, Chile)

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