Lee Evans Tournament of The Americas

                          Media Information                                  

Please supply us with information for your local media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) so that we may send them information (daily and/or final results, pictures and stories) on your team's participation in the Lee Evans Tournament of The Americas.  


Media Name 
Contact Name 

Type of Media (choose one) 


City      Country      Postal Code 

Telephone Number       Fax 


Please tell us if they will have a representative at the tournament or someone participating will be forwarding information to your media contacts.
Someone will be reporting on site
No one will be reporting on site

We will not be able to email total daily or final results, only top five - our scoring computer will not handle it - but we can fax information or we will tell them where they may copy it from the web if it is available there.

Have they any special needs or deadlines? 

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