"I am very happy and excited to be in the No.1 seed.  I can feel the pressure really rising right now, in these final stages, and I know I must be 200 percent focused now.  I have to focus on every shot.  I was very motivated before I got here and felt I would do well.  Now I am even more motivated.  "The people here are really supportive-not just the fans but also the bowlers who have been eliminated already.  I can use that to play even better." Marie Ramirez-Costa Rica, number 1 seed going into semi's. 

For the 3 game match between Costa Rica and Canada......do the count - 1 pin win for Canada, 2 pins win for Costa Rica and only 4 pins separating the winner and loser of the 3rd game! But a split in the second frame made the difference for Marie. 

And its Ryan-Ciach going into the finals against Pluhowsky, who made the finals in two close games against Jojo Canare of the Philippines.

The winner of the women's division of the World Cup, after two games in the final match against USA's Shannon Pluhowsky, is Kerrie Ryan-Ciach, Canada

Semi Finals

Pos Round 2 G1 G2 G3
Match 2
1 Marie Ramirez
Costa Rica
236 197 211
4 Kerrie Ryan-Ciach
237 195 215
  Round 2      
Match 1
6 Jojo Canare
203 212  
2 Shannon Pluhowsky
214 218  


  Pos Round 3 G2 G2 G3
Final Match
4 Kerrie Ryan-Ciach
210 234 World Cup Champion
2 Shannon Pluhowsky
160 225  
Top women, AMF World Cup 2003, Honduras
(pictured l to r) John Walker, COO of AMF Bowling Products, 
Shannon Pluhowsky-USA, Kerrie Ryan-Ciach-Canada, 
Marie Ramirez-Costa Rica, Jojo Canare-Philippines

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Date: Saturday, 4 October 2003

Event: Women's Semi finals and FINALS

  39th AMF World Cup, September 27-October 4,
Planeta Sipango, Tegucigalpa, Honduras