"Bowling Unites the Americas"

Come back into the past 40 plus years of the Tournament of The Americas
and relive a little bowling history with us.

Welcome to our "scrapbook" of Miami's "Las Americas" tournament.  A tournament that for over 40 years has brought together, through bowling, people of different backgrounds, different languages and from more than 25 countries of what is now called "The American Zone" and united them into one "bowling family".  "Bowling Unites the Americas"  was the theme of the tournament since its inception and strives to continue through its many changes to do just that.
We hope you will enjoy a look into Miami's bowling history and the people who made, and continue to make, the Tournament of The Americas a great and  long-lasting event.  Bowling does indeed "Unite the Americas".

Look through our scrapbooks 
and maybe you will see a friend, relative or even yourself.

Straight from some of our scrapbook pages - the program books, pictures, news articles, participants and even some scores................  Click on the links below to peek into the past. 
The pages will be slow to load due to the graphics and we will break a year into several pages.

Our apologies in advance....we mostly do not know in which periodicals or newspapers the articles and pictures originally appeared or who wrote them, since that information was not always part of the clipping.   If you know to whom we should attribute a byline or where it appeared in print, please let us know so we can give credit.  We suspect a great deal is from the pen of Dick Evans and published in the Miami Herald.

You are welcome to save any of our pictures and articles from these history pages for your personal use.  However, if you publish them in any media, please give credit to the original writers or photographer if known and to our website.

"The Impossible Dream" 
Starting a new tournament 
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1963 - the 1st year
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