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Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association



Tournament of The Americas...2014

July 27-August 2, 2014
at Strikers Lanes, Sunrise 
Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Our 2013 Tournament Sponsors are Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau 
Brunswick and QubicaAMF.

newSchedule Update July 14, 2014
See schedule...Click here
            Tournament of The Americas 2014

Since we now bowl at a 40 lane house,  we will bowl in two squads daily for singles, doubles and mixed doubles and single squad for Team.  The updated  schedule is posted on our site here.  Plan on entering your teams.

A Tournament for All Ages!

Do not forget Super Senior division or Younger Juniors

To have bowling for all ages in the Tournament of The Americas, we have 5 divisions by age for both men and women - Regular Adult, Senior, Super Senior, Junior A and Junior B. 

This Super Senior division will be for Senior  Men 60+ years of age and Women 55+ years.The regular division of Seniors will be for men at least 50 years of age and women starting at 45 years.

Junior A Division is under 20 and Junior B is under 16 as of January 2014

 National Acceptance Form, will be due June 1, 2014  Hotel and bowler entries will be due June15.

Strikers  is a 40 lane house in Sunrise, Florida, closer to the  headquarters hotel, the DoubleTree at Sawgrass Mills  It is in the process of continued remodeleing and you may see the difference in 2014 although most of the renovations are not "out front" yet.

It is our pleasure to work with Michael Ducat, owner, Tom  Nickol, General Manager,  Darryn Auerbach, Assistant GM, Vince Kuzmiki, owner of the Pro Shop at Strikers, as well as the Striker's staff, as we plan our 2014 tournament season.  Strikers is located at 8500 N.W. 44th Street, Sunrise, FL 33351

Although having only 40 lanes may mean double squads for the Tournament of The Americas, their hospitality and expertise at hosting a tournament will make up for any inconveniences there may be io the tournament schedule.  We look forward to making Strikers our home for years to come.

 Headquarters Hotel 2014
DoubleTree by Hilton

Our  headquarters hotel will again be the DoubleTree  at Sawgrass.  It will offer attendees a greatly  discounted room rate which will be in effect for a few days both before and after the tournament dates.   The hotel is across from the Sawgrass Discount Mall and offers opportunites for a range of shopping and dining.  The hotel is just a 10 minute ride from Strikers Lanes and our tournament buses will be available to all tournament registered participants and guest to go between the hotel and the lanes each day.  

Hotel reservations are "first come, first served" and the date for guaranteed rooms Closes July 15th. 
We can usually arrange for more rooms at the tournament discount cost, but only if  you contact the Tournament Office directly.  Do not contact the hotel for rooms.  They will not book rooms for the tournament at our special rate.  Contact  the Tournament Office for all reservations or changes in resrvations. 

Spectators are welcome and there is no entry charge for watching our great bowling competition. The competition starts at 9:30 am each day, Monday through Saturday, starting July 30, and will end each day at about 2:00 pm.  See our schedule for events.  Come to our Opening Ceremonies on Sunday, July 28 at 3:30 pm and help welcome the best bowlers of the countries of the American Zone,  lined up shoulder to shoulder across the house.

Need airport transportation on arrival?  

We will have more information on discount group  transportation from and to the Fort Lauderdale airport using Planet Shuttle, our regular bus company.  Daily transportation from our headquarters hotel and the lanes will be provided to our registered participants and guests.  We will also be working to get discounted transportation to areas of interest during your stay in Fort Lauderdale.

See you in Fort Lauderdale in July!




Please note that the Tournament Office has a new address as of January 2011.  
Direct all mail to:  Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association, 10097 Cleary Boulevard #122, Plantation, Florida 33324.

World Senior Invitational
started in the Spring of 2010 
Will roll again  for its 5th anniversary event in 2014 
April 287- May 3 in Fort Lauderdale
All information is now on our site

More Fun in the Sun
WSI 2014

Senior men's ages start at 50+ and women's ages start at 45+.  This tournament is for Seniors, bowling scratch in three age divisions, with the highest age division being handicapped by number of years of age.  It is invitational to all senior bowlers of the world, with no limit to the number of players from each country. However, all players must be members of  their country's Federation to enter, as this tournament is sanctioned by WTBA.
Trios teams may be mixed as to  age and country where a full team is not possible for  you.  We can not guarantee that if you do not already have a team that a full team will be available.
The bowling schedule is now set for the tournament, with men and women bowling singles, doubles, and trios events and a Master Event, bowled over two days, for the championship title.
Entry and Hotel Reservations are now online for easy submitting.

Top of the line Bowling Balls as Prizes

For 2014 the top finalists in each division will win top of the line Brunswick bowling balls and f ree entry for 2015.  

Our Headquarter's Hotel
Holiday Inn Express, Plantation
We have returned this year to the Holiday Inn Express.  If you were here in 2010, you will notice the renovations of the rooms and the addition of some facilities.  Free breakfast too.  The Tournament will provide airport transportation from Fort Lauderdale airport.

In 2012 and 2013 we had entries from The Bahamas, Brazil, Colombia, France, Italy, Ireland, United States and the Virgin Islands.  They will be back in 2014 - come join us in fun and competition.

Come visit our World Seniors pages for newest information

Florida International 2014

WNo plans are being made to run this tournament again, at least for the near future.

More information on our Florida International pages

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Tournament Office  Mailing Address,
Phone and NEW Fax Numbers

The Tournament Office does not have a permanent office at the bowling lanes, but will use the following mailing address. 

Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association
10097 Cleary Boulevard #122
Plantation, Florida 33324 USA

Tel: 1-954-577-9948 
Fax: 1-954-688-2045
Phone calls can be answered in English only.

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