It's a repeat from last year in Honduras - 
Ryan-Ciach, Canada against Pluhowsky, USA for the Finals

But the Outcome is Reversed in 2004

Semi Finals

Pos Semi-Finals G1 G2 G3
Match 1
1/8 Liza Del Rosario
226 169  
Match Winner
Shannon Pluhowsky
259 269  
  Round 2      

The first game of the match was indeed match play as both Liza and Shannon rolled  four strikes, 9 spare, strike.  In the seventh frame, Liza gave Shannon her chance to pull ahead by leaving an open frame while Shannon spared.  Both struck in the eighth.  But the big difference came in the ninth as Shannon struck out for a 259 while Liza put in 8 spare, two tenth frame strikes and a nine count.  While Lisa started her second game with four strikes, she split and opened in the fifth.  She rallied for one strike in the sixth but it was two open frames in the seventh and eighth that did her in.  Finishing with strike, 9 spare, strike.  Pluhowsky,  meanwhile, was laying in the clincher for her rise to the finals.  Shannon, starting with a 7 spare, socked in the next 6, spared and put in 4 more strikes to go 100 pins over Del Rosario's game.

Match 2
Match Winner
Kerrie Ryan-Ciach
 279 193 208
  vs. vs.      
2/7 Yoselin Leon
Puerto Rico
190  257  193

The first game of the match goes to last year's champion, Kerrie Ryan-Ciach, the 33 year old from Mississauga, Canada.  Kerri, bowling strikes in the first six frames, 9 spare in the seventh frame, and finishing with strikes to Yoselin's hits, splits and spares, left no doubt of the outcome of the first game.  Yoselin Leon, the 25 year old customer service rep from San Juan, Puerto Rico came back with a vengeance in the second game starting with the first four, sparing two and putting in four more strikes before finishing with a 9/, while Ryan-Ciach started with a miss and couldn't string more than 3 strikes in the game.  But the third game told the tale.  Although both bowlers had splits or opens, Kerrie had started with four strikes to put her match winner and into the finals again this year.


It a repeat of the 39th World Cup in Honduras, which saw Ryan-Ciach, Canada going against Shannon Pluhowsky, USA.

  Pos   G2 G2 G3
1   Kerrie Ryan-Ciach
200 185  
2004 World Cup Champion Shannon Pluhowsky
236 234  

Same as last year, Ryan-Ciach and Pluhowsky go up against each other for the Championship Cup. The pressure to be a repeat champion must be intense for the Canadian and just as intense for the American to beat her last year's opponent for the Cup. In 2003, in Honduras, Ryan-Ciach took out Pluhowsky in two, but in 2004 the result is different - Pluhowsky, USA takes out the Canadian in two games to become the women's champion.

Ryan-Ciach just can't put it together for the final match of the day. In the first game, she starts with a strike, but leaves single pin misses in the second and fourth frames. Not a help as Pluhowsky strikes and spares her way through a clean game.  The second game declares the USA player as women's champion.  Pluhowsky starts with two strikes, spare, strike, while Ryan-Ciach goes spare, spare and two strikes.  Pluhowsky leaves the 4-7-10 split in the fifth which could have given the Canadian a break if Pluhowsky hadn't come back striking for the next four and Ryan-Ciach didn't open in the ninth and tenth frames.  

And such is the way of any given day of bowling - two champions, fine players and strong competitors both, one must place first and leave second place to the other.

AMF World Cup Women's Champion 2004
Shannon Pluhowsky, USA

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Date: Sunday, 12 December 2004

Event: Women's Semi finals and FINALS

  December 5-12,
Safra Super Bowl,  Singapore