Date: Saturday, 11 December 2004

Event: Men's quarter finals

40th AMF World Cup

Today is stage 3- matchplay.  The field of bowlers has been narrowed to the top eight in each division. Players are seeded by their position from yesterday.

The top eight now advance to the single-elimination phase.  All previous pinfall totals are dropped.   Matchplay begins with positions 4- Chester King, Philippines against #5, Yahav Rabin, Israel.  The second match is position 3, Jack Guay, Canada , playing position 6, Remy Ong, Singapore.  The 3rd match of the day is  position 2, Petter Hansen, Norway, against position 7, Yves Van Eyden, Belgium.  And the last match will be number 1seed, Jason Belmonte, Australia, against position 8, Kai Virtanen, Finland.

Winners of each of the matches (best 2 out of 3 games) will advance to the semi-final round to be played tomorrow.

Australia is down under after being top of the pile for the week.

Finland's Kai Virtanen's shoots 300 today. 

It's Israel, Hometown favorite -Singapore, Norway and Finland to the semi-finals.

Pos Quarterfinals G1 G2 G3
Match 1
4 Chester King
257 236 235

Match Winner  

Yahav Rabin
179 237 257

Chester King comes out strong in the first game with the first 4 strikes, then goes 9 spare, 3 more strikes, 8 spare and finishes with 3 in the rack.  Rabin can not get it together and shoots only spares with an 8th, 9th and his 10th fill ball striking.  But the second game is a cliff-hanger and King loses the game by one pin, even with Rabin opening on a split in the 2nd frame and a 9 spare in the 3rd frame.  Rabin gets hot in the 4th frame and puts in 5 in a row to keep in the running. With only 10 pins apart in the eighth frame, one pin apart in the 9th, thanks to King's double, the tenth frame means nothing as King shoots strike and nine spare and Rabin 9 spare and strike.  It's the third game that tells the tale.  Rabin starts with a split and covers two of the leave, goes on to strike until the 8th frame and then goes 9/,double, 9.  King isn't up to it.  He starts with 3 strikes but then spares in the next two frames, then it's strike, spare, strike, double and an 8 spare fill in the tenth to leave the semi-final spot to Israel's Yahav Rabin.

Match 2
3 Jack Guay
193 279 218
Match Winner 
Remy Ong
206 204 223

Canada's Jack Guay missed out in game one to Singapore's hometown boy, Remy Ong, who started the game with a triple. In the second game, Guay starts with a double and 9 spare, goes all the rest of the way striking for the 279 score while Ong was spare/strike, with an open split in the 7th - no contest and the match was tied.  Third game told the tale.  It was Guay chasing Ong.  Close until the 7th frame, Ong moved ahead by 24 pins with a spare to Guay's 4-6-10split/open. Guay's 8th and 9th and first two 10th frame strikes looked like he might have Ong on the run, but strike, 9 spare, 3 strikes for Ong  put the Singapore bowler in the semi- finals.

Match 3
Match Winner 
Petter Hansen
279 257  
7 Yves Van Eyken
203 240  

Norway's Petter Hansen blew away Van Eyken of Belgium in 2 games.  In the first game, Hansen started with the first 7 strikes, killed his chance at another 300 game when he went 9 spare in the 8th frame, then finished with 4 more strikes.  Van Eyken couldn't come close although he strung 4 strikes in the 9th and 10th frames.  The second game was no better for the Belgian.  While Van Eyken was throwing strike, spare, strike until he started to string them in the 8th, Hansen started with four, spared in the 5th, hit four more and finished the 10th with a 9 spare strike. Good-bye to Belgium, hello Norway in the semi's.

Match 4
1 Jason Belmonte
247 219  
Match Winner 
Kai Virtanen
300 228  

Australia's Jason Belmonte, 1st seed and tournament leader all week has been taken out of the game by 8th place Kai Virtanen of Finland in the last match of the day.  There was no question in the first game as Virtanen threw the perfect game although Belmonte strung 7 strikes of his own between the 3rd frame and the 1st of the 10th.  Second game was another matter.  Virtanen started out with four strikes before he mixed 9 spares with strikes.  Belmonte kept the game to within 10 pins - score in the 9th frame was Belmonte 212 to Virtanen's 208.  That is until his 10th frame disaster of the "big four" and posted a 6-1 count to lose the match as Finland puts in a 9 spare, and a strike count. It happens to the best of them, and  Belmonte's out in the cold.


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