Date: Sunday, 12 December 2004

Event: Men's Semi finals and FINALS

Singapore, December 5-12

Finland and Norway Go Into the Finals

Semi Finals

Pos Semi Finals G1 G2 G3
Match 1
6 Remy Ong
279 214  210
Match Winner
Petter Hansen
259 248  257

The first game for Singapore and Norway had Ong in the lead with pins from the first frame and clinching it with eight straight from the 5th frame.  Hansen hung in with his seven strikes in the end to keep it close. But it was a no go for Norway, the win went to Ong. It was 1-0 to Ong but Petter Hansen of Norway came back stronger and took the last two games.  In the second game Ong left had two splits and opened for the first three frames, striking in all but the sixth frame just didn't keep Hansen at bay.  Hansen bowled a clean game and posted strikes in all but the second, seventh and 10th fill ball.  Match went to three games and Hansen was not letting up on Ong.  Again Hansen posted a clean strike-filled game starting with strikes in frames one through five.  A nine pin left and spared for his 6th frame didn't hurt as he went three more to finish his tenth frame then with an 8 spare, strike, for a score 47 pins over Ong's. Ong too had a clean game for his third match, but couldn't string the strikes.  It was a sad finish for local crowd who have been cheering for their hometown boy and hoping for his advance to the finals.  

Match 2
G1 G2 G3
8 Kai Virtanen
200 214 238
5 Yahav Rabin
215 194 220

In three slow and close games, Finland's Kai Virtanen knocks out Yahav Rabin of Israel in the last two.  In the first game splits, open frames and more spares than strikes for both players.  The second was not an improvement and the match score was 1 to 1.  The last game made the difference as Virtanen strung strikes from the third frame to the seventh - one more than Rabin who opened the game with an open frame on a split and the same in his ninth frame, leaving room for Virtanen to take the game and match.  It's Virtanen of Finland to face Norway's Petter Hansen,  both looking forward to meeting in the finals for the Championship of the AMF World Cup.


  Pos   G1 G2 G3
Final Match
World Cup Champion 
Kai Virtanen
258 216 258
2 Petter Hansen
208 233 242

During and interview in semi-finals, Virtanen said, "I think that Petter has played very well in this tournament and is a good player.  I  think he could be maybe the hardest one to beat of all that made the top 8."  And Hansen is quoted as saying, "I would like to meet Kai, if I had a pick - The finns are so good, you thave Team Finland and then 25 guys after them who are just as good.  If I could beat him, I would know that I am a good player, that I have done well.  Kai has a good chance to win; he's ice cold on the lanes, almost nothing bothers him."  And the Fin may have thought Hansen hard to beat, but he did it. In the first game Virtanen moved ahead at the last by striking out from the seventh to twelfth balls.  Second game went to Hansen who just threw more strikes than Virtanen.  It was the third game of the match that decided the winner - Kai Virtanen of Finland had Hansen on the run from frame two with his strikes in the first four frames.  Hansen started striking fifth to ninth; Viranen put in 9 spare, strike in the 8th and 9th and threw three in the tenth.  Up to the fifth frame it was a tie game. Hansen who was 234 to Virtanen's 228 in the ninth left the 2-10 split in his first ball of the tenth gave the game to Viranen.  And that's the game!  The Championship goes to Finland's Kai Virtanen who came into the quarter finals in 8th place.

AMF World Cup Men's Champion 2004
(left) Kai Virtanen, Finland

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