Hoffman loses the first game and can't string the strikes until the 9th and 10th frames in his second game leaving the men's finals spot to van den Bosch.  Luoto with splits in his 1st and 3rd frame fails to take then last  game win.... so it's Netherlands vs. Philippines in the finals.

Suarez of the Philippines won the first game of finals by only 3 pins over van den Bosch of the Netherlands, but in the second came it was a decisive win for him for the World Cup Championship.

Semi Finals

Pos Round 2 G1 G2 G3
Match 2
1 Bill Hoffman
193 218  
4 Marcel van den Bosch
244 224  
  Round 2      
Match 1
3 Mika Luoto
264 214 178
7 CJ Suarez
189 265 182


  Pos Round 3 G2 G2 G3
Final Match
4 Marcel van den Bosch
202 209  
7 CJ Suarez
205 232 World Cup Champion
Top Men, AMF World Cup 2003, Honduras
Marcel van den Bosch-Netherlands, CJ Suarez-Philippines, 
Bill Hoffman-USA and Mika Luoto-Finland 
pictured between John Walker, COO of AMFBowling Products
and José Gerardo Rischmagüi, President Honduran Organizing Committee.

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Date: Saturday, 4 October 2003

Event: Men's Semi finals and FINALS

  39th AMF World Cup, September 27-October 4,
Planeta Sipango, Tegucigalpa, Honduras