Lee Evans Tournament of The Americas

2006 Banquet Picture

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Pictures are available as an addition to purchased 2006 Tournament Picture CD.
We will only honor requests from those who bought the CD during the tournament.

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Please Choose your pictures, up to four (4) pictures, and list their image numbers on the form.  
Your name, country and email address is required.

Each full sized picture are suitable for printing and will not have the copyright notice on them.  Each picture will be on a separate page to download or copy.   We will, by return email, give you the URL's of the pages from which each picture may be downloaded.
Please note that each picture file will be over 1mg in size.  If you encounter any problems with the downloads, please contact us.

Please fill in form completely.  Your name, email address and country name is required.  List up to 4 picture requests.




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Copyright 2006.  All pictures are the property of the Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association and may not be reprinted without permission.