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                                                  General Information

Team captains meeting -
team captains meeting will be held on Sunday in order to provide every country with the
 latest information on the Tournament.

There will be official practice before the start of the tournament and before each day's event. 

Opening Ceremony -
After the practice the Tournament  will be officially opened with an Opening Ceremony, which will at least  
include a bowler parade with flag display.

Maintenance and lane conditioning -
After each squad in every event the lanes will be completely stripped and dressed, according to the lane
 condition pattern that is handed out to all the
participating countries at the team manager meeting.

Conditioning of the lanes will be done as consistently as possible during the entire

Medal presentation -
Tournament medals will be awarded - gold for first, silver and bronze for second and third place. 

The medals will be presented before the next day’s event for singles, doubles and trios,
 and the Masters medals will be presented at the Victory Banquet. 

National anthems shall be played for the winners.  A tape of each county’s National anthem must be
 provided to the Tournament Office at check-in time. 

Victory Banquet
On Saturday evening the Tournament will conclude with a Victory Banquet accessible to all the
 participants and registered guests.

There will be bus transportation between the bowling center and any official hotels.  Busses will run from 
Sunday through tournament schedule. 

Transportation to or from the Fort Lauderdale airport 
is provided by our tournament from the Fort Laudetdale airport only.  

For transportation from Miami airport, arrangements can be made at a discounted cost for 
groups of at least 10 people ( Arrangements must be made in advance) and fees will be
paid directly to the bus driver.

Hotels -
The Organizing Committee shall offer good accommodation for a reasonable price.  It is up to the guests
 to accept this offer or make their own arrangements.

Entries should be received by the Tournament Office no later than March 15.

Entries are only possible with the permission of national WTBA member federations in good standing; 
all bowlers entering must be members of their country’s Federation .

Entry fees  -
The entry fee for bowlers will be $275 (USD) and will include bowling games,
 transportation between bowling lanes and hotel and any officially scheduled activities,
 Opening Reception, and Victory Banquet.

All bowlers must pay the full fee, even if they do not need any transportation or do not participate in the
 Victory Banquet.

Entry fees for guests-
The fee for non bowling guests is  $200(USD) and  includes the same as a bowler except  the  
competition bowling

Information and gifts
Bowlers and registered guests will receive the same information and gifts. (Example: Playing schedule, 
bus schedule, results book, information and any gifts).

All entry fees must be paid in advance in US Dollars, traveler’s checks or credit cards.  Hotel room costs
 at the Tournament’s headquarters hotel will be paid directly to the hotel and a deposit in the form of 
a credit card is mandatory.

Refund if not participating -
The Organizing Committee decides when a refund is possible if there is a very good reason for such 
a refund.

The official language during the Tournament and of the Tournament staff is English.

Please contact us for any other information.