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Tournament of The Americas awards 2000

39th Tournament of the Americas
AUGUST 4 11,  2001
Awards Presented

Adult Singles - Men;  Women

Senior Singles - Men; Women

1st Place Marcio Vieira, Brazil - 2387
 Manon Deserranno, Canada - 2541
1st Place Kevin Dornberger, USA - 2519
 Eula Ivy USA - 2284
2nd Place Andres Fallas, Costa Rica - 2385
Fernanda Cornejo, Mexico - 2309
2nd Place Mark Jensen, USA - 2431
 Candace Marshall, Canada - 2264
3rd Place Tony Manna Jr, USA - 2367
Maria Salazar, Colombia - 2287
3rd Place Miguel Aguilar, Guatemala - 2407
Linda Goodling, USA - 2247

Junior Singles - Men & Women
1st Place Juan Diego Quesada, Guatemala - 2377
Shannon Pluhowsky, USA - 2435
2nd Place Andrew Cain, USA - 2355
 Olga Vannessa Arandia, Venezuela - 2252
3rd Place Cesar Rodriguez, Venezuela 2304
Missy Bellinder, USA - 2225

Adult Doubles - Men; Women

Senior Doubles - Men;  Women

1st Place Fabio Rezende, Marcio Vieira - Brazil
Sara Vargas, Maria salazar - Colombia
1st Place Kevin Dornberger, Mark Jensen USA
Candace Marshall, Barbara Hastings - Canada
2nd Place Daniel Falconi, Juan Lopez - Mexico
 Karen Marcano, Ingellimar Contreras - Venezuela
2nd Place Rolando Gabriel, Miguel Aguilar - Guatemala
Linda Goodling, Eula Ivy - USA
3rd Place Rolando Antonio Sebelen, Rolly Sebelen - Dominican Republic
 Diandra Hyman, Kristal Scott - USA
3rd Place Rolando Sebelen Sr, Victor Richards Sr - Dominican Republic
Gerardy Tronconis, Mirna Camargo - Venezuela

Junior Doubles - Men & Women

1st Place Andrew Cain, Chris Jones - USA
Missy Bellinder, Shannon Pluhowsky - USA
2nd Place Luis Manzero, Juan Carlos Azar - Ecuador
Carmela Figuera, Olga Vanessa Arandia - Venezuela
3rd Place Chris Clerke, Daniel Bull - Canada
Juliana Loaiza, Clara Juliana Guerrero - Colombia

  Adult Mixed Doubles

Senior Mixed Doubles

1st Place Kellie Hildebrandt, Ryan Reid - Canada 1st Place Eula Ivy, Kevin Dornberger - USA
2nd Place Maria Salazar, Andres Gomez - Colombia 2nd Place Barbara Hastings, Ross Hargrave - Canada
3rd Place Aumi Guerra, Rolly Sebelen - Dominican Republic 3rd Place Linda Goodling, Mark Jensen - USA
                  Junior Mixed Doubles
1st Place Shannon Pluhowsky, Andrew Cain - USA
2nd Place Clara Juliana Guerrero, David Rivera - Colombia
3rd Place Missy Bellinder, Chris Jones - USA

Adult Team Event

Senior Team Event

Junior Team Event

1st Place UNITED STATES   1st Place United States  1st Place UNITED STATES  
2nd Place Colombia 2nd Place Guatemala 2nd Place Colombia 
3rd Place Mexico 3rd Place Canada  3rd Place Venezuela


Adult Individual All Event- Men & Women


Senior Individual All Event- Men & Women

1st Place Daniel Falconi, Mexico 7225
 Maria Salazar, Colombia 7105
1st Place Kevin Dornberger, USA 7664
 Candace Marshall, Canada 6781
2nd Place Andres Gomez, Colombia 7213
 Manon Deserranno, Canada 7102
2nd Place Mark Jensen, USA 7247
 Eula Ivy, United States 6706
3rd Place Rolando Antonio Sebelen, Dominican Republic 7151
 Diandra Hyman, USA 6815
3rd Place Ronaldo Gabriel, Guatemala 7160
Christina Muelas, Brazil 6617

Junior Individual All Event- Men & Women

1st Place Andrew Cain, USA 7549
 Shannon Pluhowsky, USA 7253
2nd Place Chris Jones, USA 7120
 Clara Juliana Guerrero, Colombia 7039
3rd Place Chris Clerke, Canada 7085
Missy Bellinder, USA 6993

Adult National All Event

Senior National All Event Junior National All Event
1st Place   United States 27744   1st Place United States 28148 1st Place United States 28915
2nd Place Mexico 27586 2nd Place Guatemala 26298 2nd Place Venezuela 26982
3rd Place Colombia 27525 3rd Place Canada 26012 3rd Place Colombia 26784

High Score Awards

                        High Game Awards

       High Set Awards

Coco Pedraz, Peru 277 
Women - Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic 256

- Manuel Elizalde, Puerto Rico 288
Women - Candace Marshall, Canada 288

Men  -
Victor Richards Jr, Dominican Republic 268
Women - Shannon Pluhowsky, USA 258

Daniel Falconi, Mexico 735
Manon Deserranno, Canada 680

Men -
Kevin Dornberger, USA 728
Women -
Candace Marshall, Canada 697

Men -
Andrew Cain, USA 721
Women -
Olga Vanessa Arandia, Venezuela 669

                                               Special Awards Voted by Bowlers

             Friendship Award

    Sportsmanship Award

Adult: Sara Vargas, Colombia
Eula Ivy, United States
Gabriel Calderon, Nicaragua
Adult: Marcio Vieira, Brazil
Kevin Dornberger, United States
Andrew Cain, United States

The Bowling Tournaments of the Americas Association 
was  honored to present the following awards:

Lee Evans
Memorial Award

Jerry Koenig
President, FIQ
 For his steadfast belief in the sport of bowling and his outstanding contributions and international leadership.

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