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Tournament of The Americas awards 2000

38th Tournament of the Americas
AUGUST 5 12,  2000
Awards Presented

Adult Singles - Men;  Women

Senior Singles - Men; Women

1st Place Joe Ciach, Canada 2535
Diandra Hyman, USA 2533 
1st Place Abraham Jaimes, Colombia 2610
Linda Goodling, USA 2477
2nd Place Bill Hoffman, USA 2469
Yoselin Leon, Puerto Rico 2359
2nd Place Nelson Toro, Puerto Rico 2557
Cristina Muelas, Brazil 2225
3rd Place Frankie Colon, Puerto Rico 2451
Eugenia Martinez, Mexico 2351
3rd Place  Eddie Hung, Canada 2418
Mary Ministerio, Brazil 2153

Junior Singles - Men & Women
1st Place Scott Norton, USA 2615
Missy Bellinder, USA 2480
2nd Place Chris Fernandez, Canada 2546
Jackie Edwards, USA 2468
3rd Place Alejandro Reyna, Costa Rica 2511
Marimar Rivera, Puerto Rico 2284

Adult Doubles - Men; Women

Senior Doubles - Men;  Women

1st Place Bill Hoffman, Tony Manna Jr- USA 2574
Diandra Hyman, Kelly Kulick - USA 2676
1st Place

Geraldo Couto, Fran Monteiro - Brazil 2410
Mary Ministerio, Cristina Muelas, Brazil 2246

2nd Place Alvaro Castro, Marco Odio- Costa Rica 2498
Eugenia Martinez, Teresa Velasco - Mexico 2391
2nd Place Jr. Perez, Nelson Torro - Puerto Rico 2359
Jackie Butler, Lina Goodling - USA 2198
3rd Place Frankie Colon, Fico Perez- Puerto Rico 2452
Aida Granillo, Margarita Pinto - El Salvador 2298
3rd Place Mike Brinkmann, Kevin Dornberger - USA 2331
Penny Lyons, Rozina Smith - Canada 2160

Junior Doubles - Men & Women

1st Place David Rivera, Carlos Roa - Colombia 2554
Missy Bellinder, Jackie Edwards - USA
2nd Place Rickai Binns, Christopher Maycock, Bermuda 2425
Clara Guerrero, Alejandra Rincon - Colombia 2353
3rd Place Jose Alberti, Victor Richards - Dominican Republic 2407
Christine Macatangay, Samantha Wong - Canada 2287

  Adult Mixed Doubles

Senior Mixed Doubles

1st Place Tony Manna Jr, Kelly Kulick - USA 2600 1st Place Mary Ministerio, Fran Monteiro - Brazil 2422
2nd Place Zussie Machon Mauricio Pinol - Guatemala 2486 2nd Place Clara de Rivadeneira, Abraham Jaimes - Colombia 2372
3rd Place Bill Hoffman, Diandra Hyman - USA 2452 3rd Place Rozina Smith, Eddie Hung - Canada 2366
                  Junior Mixed Doubles
1st Place Nathan Bohr, Jackie Edwards - USA 2467
2nd Place Samantha Wong, Chris Fernandez - Canada 2389
3rd Place Christine Macatangay, Vincent Pellerin - Canada 2326

Adult Team Event

Senior Team Event

Junior Team Event

1st Place UNITED STATES - 9884 1st Place United States - 9244 1st Place UNITED STATES - 10002
2nd Place Dominican Republic - 9463 2nd Place Brazil - 8994 2nd Place Colombia - 9505
3rd Place Panama - 9374 3rd Place Canada - 8841 3rd Place Canada - 9414


Adult Individual All Event- Men & Women


Senior Individual All Event- Men & Women

1st Place Tony Manna Jr, USA 7585
Diandra Hyman, USA 7451
1st Place Nelson Toro, Puerto Rico 7408
Linda Goodling, USA 7097
2nd Place Frankie Colon, Puerto Rico 7526
Kelly Kulick, USA 7425
2nd Place  Abraham Jaimes. Colombia 7391
Mary Ministerio, Brazil 6726
3rd Place Bill Hoffman, USA 7487
Aida Granillo, El Salvador 7155
3rd Place Kevin Dornberger, USA 7374
Cristina Muelas, Brazil 6630

Junior Individual All Event- Men & Women

1st Place Scott Norton, USA 7578
Jackie Edwards, USA 7323
2nd Place Nathan Bohr, USA 7502
Missy Bellinder, USA 7223
3rd Place Chris Fernandez, Canada 7392
Clara Guerrero, Colombia 7185

Adult National All Event

Senior National All Event Junior National All Event
1st Place United States 34774 1st Place United States 31749 1st Place United States 34478
2nd Place Mexico 32949 2nd Place Brazil 31644 2nd Place Colombia 32749
3rd Place Puerto Rico 32901 3rd Place Canada 31327 3rd Place Canada 32651

High Score Awards

                        High Game Awards

       High Set Awards

Adult: Men  
Tony Manna Jr, USA - 288

Senior: Men
Kevin Dornberger, USA - 279

Junior: Men 
Nathan Bohr, USA - 300


Adult: Women
Kelly Kulick, USA - 288

Senior: Women
Clara De Rivadeneira, Colombia - 255

Junior: Women
Clara Guerrera, Colombia


Men- Tony Manna Jr, USA - 760
Women- Kelly Kulick, USA - 749

Men - Kevin Dornberger, USA - 279
Women - Clara De Rivadeneira, Colombia - 255

Men - Scott Norton, USA - 774
Women - Jackie Edwards, USA - 684

                                               Special Awards Voted by Bowlers

             Friendship Award

    Sportsmanship Award

Adult: Joe Ciach, Canada
Senior: Chuck Faas, Canada
Junior: Virginia Bello, Dominican Republic
Adult: Zusette Machon, Guatemala
Senior: Miguel Aguilar, Guatemala
Junior: Victor Richards Jr, Dominican Republic

The Bowling Tournaments of the Americas Association 
was  honored to present the following awards:

Lee Evans
Memorial Award

AMF Bowling Inc.


For its continuous support since the beginning to the Tournament of the Americas
and to the sport of bowling world-wide.

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