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Tournament of The Americas awards 2000

43rd Annual
AUGUST 25 - September 1, 2005




JUNIOR:        Patricia De Faria, Venezuela 

SENIOR:        Mike Aguilar, Guatemala 

ADULT:          Charles Robini, Brazil



JUNIOR:       Kayla Bandy, United States  

SENIOR:       Alfonso Rodriguez, Mexico  

ADULT:         Amanda Burgoyne, United States


Special Awards

Lee Evans Memorial Award
Presented by the Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association
to an individual, organization or company
for outstanding contributions to the international sport of bowling in the American Zone.

William Ehlers

Will Ehlers, Brunswick Corporation, has been involved with the Tournament of The Americas and the Greater Miami International tournament for over 20 years in several capacities involving our tournament lane conditions and lane machinery.  

Will started his involvement with the tournament as a lane mechanic at Cloverleaf Lanes, and as Cloverleaf's head mechanic, oversaw the tournament conditions and the smooth running of the lane machines for many years before moving on to work for Brunswick in it's After Marketing division.  In his capacity with Brunswick, he has been instrumental in having Brunswick be a tournament sponsor and has spent the tournament week with us overseeing and often running the lane dressing machine himself to keep the lane conditions standard through both of our tournaments for many years.  In his capacity for Brunswick, he has also been involved in overseeing lane conditions for other international events.

Mr. Ehlers' heart has always been with our tournaments and we are most fortunate in having Will Ehlers as part of our tournament family. He has long been deserving of our Lee Evans Memorial Award.

43rd Annual


AUGUST 25 –Sept. 1, 2005



     ADULTS:                                Name                            Country                Score

Men 3rd Place                Calvo, Enrique                     Mexico                         2545
Women 3rd Place           Burgoyne, Amanda              United States                2401                          

Men 2nd Place               Simmons, Cory                    United States                2574
Women 2nd Place          Rioux, Isabelle                     Canada                         2412

Men 1st Place                Patterson, Dan                    United States                2581
Women 1st Place           Marcano, Alicia                   Venezuela                     2524

     SENIORS:                Name                                    Country                   Score

Men 3rd Place                Santa, Antonio                     Puerto Rico                 2544
Women 3rd Place           Maull, Betty                         United States              2175                                          

Men 2nd Place                Rodriguez, Alfonso               Mexico                       2562
Women 2nd Place           Boni, Andrea                       Canada                       2217                                           

Men 1st Place                Lopez, Juan Guillermo           Mexico                       2577
Women 1st Place           Sacre, Fransuesa                 Mexico                       2371

     JUNIORS:                Name                                   Country                   Score

Men 3rd Place                Sparks, Ronnie                    United States             2522
Women 3rd Place           non given - tie in 2nd place

Men 2nd Place                French, Mark                     United States              2535
Women 2nd Place  TIE     Alvarado, Daniela              Mexico                         
                                       Bandy, Kayla                    United States             2295

Men 1st Place                Flores, Heriberto                 Colombia                    2544
Women 1st Place          Legault, Melissa                  Canada                       2344


     ADULTS:                Name                                                                    Country                   Score

Men 3rd Place                Minuer Dawahra and Edmanual Ramirez                Puerto Rico                2547
Women 3rd Place           Amanda Burgoyne and Stefanie Nation                  United States             2455

Men 2nd Place                Randy Boehm and Lorry Ho                                 Canada                      2552
Women 2nd Place           Nardy Del Biondo and Alicia Marcano                   Venezuela                  2491

Men 1st Place                Dan Patterson and Cory Simmons                        United States             2591
Women 1st Place           Yoselin Leon and Sasha Luciano                           Puerto Rico               2521

     SENIORS:                Name                                                                Country                     Score

Men 3rd Place                Bob Hart and John Weltzien                               United States               2328
Women 3rd Place           Sharon Colon and Betty Maull                             United States              2079

Men 2nd Place                Juan Guillermo Lopez and Alfonso Rodriguez      Mexico                        2498
        Women 2nd Place           Teresa Archundia and Fransuesa Sacre              Mexico                        2134

Men 1st Place                Francisco Perez and Antonio Santa                     Puerto Rico                 2518
Women 1st Place           Andrea Boni and Rozina Smith                            Canada                       2176

     JUNIORS:                Name                                                                Country                     Score

Men 3rd Place                Mark French and Ronnie Sparks                         United States              2447
Women 3rd Place           Mariana Ayala and Jessica Santiago                   Puerto Rico                 2317

Men 2nd Place                Heriberto Florez and Jaime Gonzalez                 Colombia                     2452
Women 2nd Place           Patricia De Faria and Jackeline Gerani                Venezuela                  2343

Men 1st Place                Chris Bunnage and Steven Uchikata                    Canada                      2483
Women 1st Place           Kayla Bandy and Josie Earnest                          United States              2486


     ADULTS:                Name                                              Country                     Score

3rd Place                Lorry Ho - Isabelle Rioux                         Canada                          2579               

2nd Place                Alejandro Cruz - Adriana Perez               Mexico                           2589                        

1st Place                Cory Simmons - Amanda Burgoyne         United States                  2768

     SENIORS:                Name                                             Country                     Score       

3rd Place                Antonio Santa Maria Melendez              Puerto Rico                   2252                

2nd Place                Dave Capron Marie Sealy                     Bahamas                      2285

1st Place                Alfonso Rodriguez - Fransuesa Sacre       Mexico                         2386

     JUNIORS:                Name                                                      Country                    Score

3rd Place                Humberto Vazquez Daniela Alvarado      Mexico                        2383

2nd Place                William Navas - Mariana Ayala                 Puerto Rico                 2410

1st Place                Ronnie Sparks - Kayla Bandy                   United States              2564                                                       


     ADULTS:           Country                    Score

3rd Place                Venezuela                 9797                                   

 2nd Place              United States             9833                         

1st Place                Mexico                      9974

     SENIORS:         Country                    Score                                      

3rd Place                United States            8732  

2nd Place                Canada                    8987     

1st Place                Mexico                     9686

     JUNIORS:         Country                    Score                                      

3rd Place                Canada                     9382   

2nd Place                Venezuela                9447 

1st Place                United States            9858              


     ADULTS:                Name                            Country             Score

Men 3rd Place                Enrique Calvo                Mexico                7616
Women 3rd Place           Stefanie Nation              United States       7234

Men 2nd Place                Arturo Hernandez          Venezuela           7774
Women 2nd Place           Isabelle rioux                Canada                7417

Men 1st Place                Cory Simmons               United States      7936
Women 1st Place           Alicia Marcano               Venezuela           7427

     SENIORS:                Name                            Country             Score        

Men 3rd Place                Juan Guillermo Lopez       Mexico              7500
Women 3rd Place           Cristina Muelas                Brazil                6444

Men 2nd Place                David Riley                     Canada              7521
Women 2nd Place           Andrea Boni                   Canada              6663

Men 1st Place                Alfonso Rodriguez            Mexico              7790
Women 1st Place           Fransuesa Sacre             Mexico               6819

     JUNIORS:                Name                             Country                 Score        

Men 3rd Place                Steven Uchikata             Canada                      7455
Women 3rd Place           Melissa Legault              Canada                      6893

Men 2nd Place                Heriberto Florez             Colombia                    7567
Women 2nd Place           Josie Earnest                United States              7060

Men1st Place                 Ronnie Sparks               United States              7671
Women 1st Place           Kayla Bandy                  United States              7213


     ADULTS:                Country                Score

3rd Place                Venezuela                     29,132                      

 2nd Place              Mexico                          29,185

1st Place                United States                29,907                      

     SENIORS:                Country                Score                

3rd Place                United States                26,391                        

2nd Place                Canada                       26,975                              

1st Place                Mexico                        28,524                           

     JUNIORS:                Country                Score                          

3rd Place                Mexico                       27,688                              

2nd Place                Canada                     29,013

1st Place                United States             29,077

High Game


      Adult:          Alicia Marcano               Venezuela                277
                         Cory Simmons               United States            299

       Junior:       Patricia DeFaria             Venezuela                 280
                         William Navas                Puerto Rico               300

         Senior:     Andrea Boni                  Canada                     253
                          David Riley                   Canada                     277


      High Sets

         Adult:        Alicia Marcano          Venezuela             713
                          Cory Simmons          United States         822

         Junior:      Kayla Bandy             United States         672
                          Steven Uchikata        Canada                  713

         Senior:      Andria Boni              Canada                  631
                           Alfonso Rodriguez    Mexico                   777