2007 Lane condition specs have been supplied by

All lane products will be supplied for the tournament by Brunswick.
Will Ehlers, Brunswick's After Market Specialist, will be in charge of lane conditions for the tournament week.

Mr. Ehlers will be doing a Lane Demo on Saturday, August 11th at 12 noon for all bowlers, coaches and delegates.  This will allow all who attend a first-hand look at the tournament conditions for the week and allow for any questions you may have.  

Lanes will be done each day in alternate pairs of lanes of  long or short oil  for the Tournament of The Americas 2007.

This means that for each event, and each day, bowlers will bowl on an equal amount of long or short oil through the day - 
1st game -(if start on)  long oiled lanes, 2nd game short, 3rd game long, 4th game short, 5th game long, 6th game short; the reverse if starting on short oil.

Full specs for lane conditions are available for Federations to download in an excel file - see below pictures for links. 
If asked, ignore password screen but please click to allow "macros" when asked by screen.

Pictures below of patterns can be copied by right clicking on picture and save to your computer. 
These pictures (larger) are in the available download files along with all specs.

Click Here to Download Excel File Lane Condition 2007 - Short Oil Pattern file

Click Here to Download Excel File Lane Condition 2007 - Long Oil Pattern file