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Award Banquet - August 19, 2006


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For those who purchased the 2006 Photo CD, you may choose up to four (4) photos to download by using the Picture Request Form.

The pictures below are for review only.  Click on picture to see a larger version.  They will not produce a printable picture. 

Photos were taken by Roger Keel for the Bowling Tournaments of The Americas and may not be reproduced without permission.

Pictures (and pages) are in order of when awards were given at the banquet - Team, Individual All Events, National All Events, High Games and Sets, and Special Awards - Friendship, Sportsmanship and the winners of the Brunswick ball drawing.

Please choose your pictures by number below photo.   Use Picture Request Form to email us your chosen numbers.  We will send you, by return email, the individual picture page addresses where you may download a full size photo in high resolution.  Each picture download will be a large file, more than 1 MG in size, suitable for printing.  
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Copyright 2006.  All Photos are the property of the Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association and may not be reprinted without permission.