Lee Evans Tournament of The Americas
Entry Fees Form 2015

Please return this form with National Acceptance Form

Adult, Senior and Junior bowler participation fee - $200.00 (USD) per bowler

Delegate and Coach entry fee - $100.00 (USD) per person  

Tournament shirts are $45.00 (USD)

Guest fees are $100.00 (USD) per person with Award Dinner and  bus transportation 
or $65.00 (USD) Award Dinner and reception  with no bus.  
   No charge for children under 12 years of age except for Award Dinner.

Award Dinner tickets only - $60.00 (USD) per guest 

Tournament ID will be issued to Bowlers, Delegates, Coaches and those Guests who use bus


Please check all appropriate lines and give number in each fee category:

_____A check is enclosed with entries in the amount of $ ____________ to cover fees for:

   _____Adult bowlers

_____ Junior A Bowlers  _____JUnior B Bowlers    _____Senior Bowlers  ____Super Senior Bowlers


   _____ Delegate and/or Coaches


   _____ Guests                     _____Award Dinner Only:   _____Adults     ______Children

_____NO Check is enclosed - all fees will be paid to tournament office before opening ceremonies

Please check as many lines as appropriate:

Fees will be paid by:  _____ Delegate for Team Members, Delegate and Coaches

                                  _____ Individual Team Members

                                  _____ Delegate for Team and Guests 
                                                 (if some guests will pay separately, please provide list if available)

                                  _____ Individual Guests

                                 _____ Individual Delegates and/or Coaches

Authorizing Signature: _______________________________________________________

Country: ____________________________ Required Tournament Federation Code: ________


Return to: 
Bowling Tournaments of The Americas Association
     10097 Cleary Boulevard #122
     Plantation, Florida 33324
Or Fax to: 1-954-
688- 2045

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