Medals are presented after the mixed doubles event (6 games) to the three highest scoring players in each division.  Divisions are Adults, Seniors, Junior A (under 20 years old), and Junior B (under 16 years).
Las medallas son presentadas después del acontecimiento de dobles mixtos (6 juegos) a los tres jugadores más altos que rayan en cada división. Las divisiones son Adultos, los Mayores, Juvenile A (bajo de 20 años de edad), y Juvenile B (bajo 16 años).

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Unless noted, all pictures are by Rob Rice, Orlando, FL. official ToA photographer.
Todas las imágenes por Rob Rice, Orlando, FL, a menos que notado.
Mixed Doubles (Dobles Mixtos)

Adult Division (Adulto)
mdbls_Adult1.jpg (1451501 bytes)

1st  Place
Chris Bardol
Emily Maier
United States

mdbls_Adult2.jpg (1395038 bytes) mdbls_Adult3.jpg (1457253 bytes)
Dobles Mixtos
Equipos de país
Todo evento individual
Todo evento país
Otra Premios


2nd Place
Cassidy Schaub
Kendra Gaines
United States
3rd Place
Aumi Guerra
Raffy  Sebelen
Dominican Republic
Senior Division (Mayor)
mdbls_SR1.jpg (1426356 bytes)
1st Place
Lucy Sandelin
Ed Roberts
United States







mdbls_SR2.jpg (1612903 bytes) mdbls_SR3.jpg (1677146 bytes)

2nd Place
Jhimy Gauldron
Clara Rivadeneira
3rd Place
Marie Sealy
Alfred Burrows
Junior A Division (Juvenile A)
mdbls_JrA1.jpg (1379694 bytes)
1st Place
Elise Bolton
Kyle King
United States
mdbls_JrA2.jpg (1428338 bytes) mdbls_JrA3.jpg (1406207 bytes)

2nd Place
Jordan Jung
Melissa Corchesne
3rd Place
Alejandra Barreto
Jorge Moreno
Junior B Division (Juvenile B)
mdbls_JrB1.jpg (1370496 bytes)
1st  Place
Edison Camilo
Juliana Franco
mdbls_JrB2.jpg (1425087 bytes) mdbls_JrB3.jpg (1428164 bytes)
2nd Place
Michael Coffey
Melissa Perez
United States
3rd Place
Sebastian Donado
Andrea Novoa
Division Winners
mdbls_Adult.jpg (1528930 bytes) mdbls_SR.jpg (1612041 bytes) mdbls_JrA.JPG (4601301 bytes) mdbls_JrB.jpg (1518525 bytes)
Adult  Senior  Junior A  Junior B
presentSR1.jpg (1399116 bytes)
Presenting medals - Manny Fernandez, President, Dominican Republic Federation and Christian Saint Bonnet, President, Metropolitan Bowling Federation, Argentina
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