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Everglades Adventure at Sawgrass Recreation Park
 March 2006 - Checking it out!

Glen and I checked out the Everglades trip for you.  Even though I've lived in South Florida for over 40 years, I had never been out there and I'm glad I finally went.  The Sawgrass Recreation Park unfortunately lost some of its facilities and exhibits during the hurricane, but they are bringing it back slowly.  Lots of water, lots of sawgrass (we found out why it's called sawgrass too, and not because the Indians "saw the grass"). I didn't know that the engines on the airboats were so loud - the earplugs they gave us were needed. Didn't see any alligators (they sleep during the day), saw some empty alligator nests though.  It wasn't a particularly warm day (the alligators didn't think so either), but May will be great to have that wind on you as you zip through the water.  Our Captain tried hard to find an alligator in the wild for us to photograph, but they were all hiding too deep in the sawgrass today.  Nevertheless, he did tell us about the birds and environment.  Did you know that to run zig-zag from an alligator is wrong?  Nope - run straight!   Not that we had to worry about it today.  But there was that really big one in the wildlife exhibit, but he was asleep in his pond.  ....Paulette

"I'm going to ride on what?!"
Those engines are big and loud.

Our Captain gave a very informative narration.  And he certainly tried to find an alligator for us.

The Everglades - a sea of grass, and the slowest running river in the world. No, not swamp, but a  real river.   It's probably the widest river too. Hard to take a picture of an animal that keeps wanting to come to you!  I thought he'd be slower!

The young white alligator (not an albino) - the only ones we saw were in the exhibits today. Isn't he cute?  Looks just like my cat.  OK, a little bigger maybe.

That's some lizard!  Got questions?  This is the man to ask.

Our Thanks to Sawgrass Recreation Park for hosting our afternoon. 
And our thanks to all their staff for their friendliness, and helpfulness.
The South Florida International participants can see for themselves in May.

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