2005 American Zone Ranking

April 2005

The American Zone has announced a new format for the 2005 Ranking as follows:

ˇ        The Zone will be divided into three regions

     Northern - Canada, Mexico, United States - Hazel McLeary, coordinator

     Central and Caribbean - Bahamas, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Virgin Islands, Nicaragua, Panamá, Puerto Rico,  Dominican Republic - Hugo Cuellar is the co-ordinator

      South - Netherlands Antillas, Aruba, Argentina; Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay and Venezuela -Veronica Raija is the co-ordinator

ˇ        Each region may designate unlimited Open (scratch) tournaments as 'ranking events'.  An open tournament is one in which any player may enter. A calendar of ranking events will be announced in late December, early January 2005.

ˇ        Players may compete in as many events as they wish in any region.

ˇ        Points earned in another region will be added to points earned in their own region

ˇ        The top 16 men and 16 women in each region with the highest point total will be eligible for the final ranking tournament that will be held in December 2005 at a site to be determined.  The 8 men and 8 women who will represent the American Zone at the World Ranking Tournament will be selected from this event. The World Ranking Masters includes the top 8 ranking men and women from the three zones, who will bowl for a separate prize fund. The WRM will be held in Kuwait in 2006.

ˇ        Each open tournament organizer will pay $200 (US)  - $100 for the American Zone - $100 for WTBA for the right to be designated as a 'American Zone Ranking Event'.  The tournament management will be responsible to collect $25 from each player who wishes to be entered in the ranking (Optional). Players will pay this fee in each ranking event they enter.

ˇ        Funds collected in excess of $5000 (payable to WTBA) will be designated as prize funds in the final zone-ranking tournament.  Fees collected from male entrants will be paid in the men's division, women's fees collected will be paid in the women's division.

Tournament directors who wish to have their event designated as a 'ranking event' should contact:
Canada:            Hazel McLeary                 250-392-6506  -  e-mail: 
USA                Kevin Dornberger              414-423-3327 -  e-mail: Mexico           Jose Acquilar                                                 e-mail [email protected]

For further information contact:
Hazel McLeary, CTF Communications Director


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